The "Healing Hearts" Pullover Hoodie

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Healing Hearts Super Soft Hoodie
Healing Hearts is a brand about healing your mind and heart from the unfortunate trauma you may have experienced we all go through different things in life and have different stories. We as a community should take time and heal whether you already have or are now working on it. Healing Hearts is just a reminder that you are important. Your mental health and emotions are important. We can’t let our pain define us as a person.
Why I love my brand... I was in foster care since the age of 8 years old. I been to many homes many cities. I carried a lot of pain my mental health was never the best until I actually just decided to be my own happiness and learned to heal from trauma. My mental health is very important to me. I just hope my brand spreads awareness for people's well being.
- Ashia Graves