About Us

Barely Canadian is a family business that creates insanely soft sweaters, hoodies, onesies, sunsies, smittens, and other comfy apparel and accessories to keep you cozy, feeling at home, and layered in color, love and acceptance. Having both fostered and adopted from foster care, we are passionate about our mission to continue to serve foster youth, and to share the gifts these deserving and brilliant kids bring to our world.



Barely Canadian is all about giving back through extreme softness. We're redefining premium apparel and accessories by combining unbeatable softness, sheer luxury, and sustainable practices. We locally source and craft our garments and accessories from unbelievably soft, sustainable materials that leave you feeling as good as you look.

But here's the exciting part: we don't just offer pre-made pieces! We invite you to be part of the creative process, infusing your unique branding and style into our high-quality, custom creations.

With gratitude,

Kelly and the Slattery/Miller Clan
A Foster/Adopt Family in Venice