About Us

Nineteen years ago, as a Canadian transplant, I followed my rainbow to America in hopes of making my dreams come true: love, creating a family, and actualizing every dream I could muster. My rainbow delivered, and after 34 days of meeting Delaney, I married my soul-mate, which eventually led us to our beloved children, Julie and Ryan, through the foster care system. Together, our rainbows joined forces and created, Barely Canadian.

The rainbow is a powerful symbol for our family, as it symbolizes the brilliance one can find immediately following disorder, the serenity and acceptance that lands in your gut just by looking at those hopeful arcs, and the array of colors that mother nature so gracefully gifted us. A beautiful reminder that we're powerful, just like her.

Barely Canadian is a way to teach our children teamwork and how a business is run, providing other foster families and youth the chance to participate. We are here to share the compelling message of the gifts these deserving and brilliant kids bring to our world.

A portion of our sales goes towards foster youth organizations like Echoes of Hope, a nonprofit we believe in and have served as volunteers for several years.

We hope our line of super-soft layers makes you feel right at home, layered in color, love, and acceptance. Thank you for joining and supporting Barely Canadian and our mission to serve foster youth.

With gratitude,

Kelly and the Slattery/Miller Clan

A Foster/Adopt Family in Venice

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